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Wallys story begins

By Admin Date of issue: May 25,2023

We'll start with a quick review of how Wi-Fi has changed over the years.  

In fact, the earliest generation of 802.11 standard can be traced back to 1997, when the wireless speed is very low, only 2Mbps, it is an original standard of the first generation .

With the introduction of 802.11b in 1999, the physical layer speed was increased to 11Mbps and there were very few commercial applications. At that time, Wi-Fi was still far away from people's lives  

In 2003, the third generation of the standard, 802.11a/ g. Laptop began to configure wireless network card and home wireless router appeared in large quantity .  Wi-fi comes into ordinary family.


For Wi-fi 4, in 2007 we saw the second peak of growth in Wi-Fi, with the advent of the 802.11n standard.

In 2012, the fifth generation comes that is 802.11AC.While 802.11AC Wave2, the new standard which is the second phase of 802.11AC appear in 2015.


For WiFi 6, it's the sixth generation of wireless communication technology, known as 802.11ax. 


The most important feature of the WiFi 6E is that it supports the 6GHz band. After all, compared to previous generations, it only supports the 5GHz band up.  

Wallys keeps up with Qualcomm pace and is constantly releasing new products




                    802.11ac Wave 1(Wi-Fi 5)                                                       802.11ac Wave 2(Wi-Fi 5)

                                  DR900VX                                                                                      DR40X9 

     DR900VX.png                                 DR40X9.png

                           802.11ax(Wi-Fi 6)                                                                      802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6E)

                                 DR6018V4                                                                                      DR9074-6E

   DR6018 V4(3).jpg                                          DR9074-6E(PN02.7).png

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