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  • Foreign trade salesman

    1. Responsible for international market external contact business, promote the company to foreign customers, develop the market, deal with customers' inquiries and various needs in time. To provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction and thoughtful service.

    2. Responsible for tracking the internal planning, production, packaging, transportation and other processes of foreign trade orders;

    3. Carry out business promotion through other network marketing methods, increase product exposure, obtain inquiry; develop customers to obtain orders.

    4. Communicate with customers about order quantity, price, delivery time and payment by phone and email.

    5. Responsible for information collection and sorting, including market information, customer information, partner information, etc;

  • Sales specialist


    1. Collect potential customers' information through online search (e-commerce platform such as Alibaba domestic station) or market research;

    2. Actively look for and visit customers, promote and sell the company's products and services to customers;

    3. Develop new market field, maintain customer relationship, establish stable customer resources;

    4. Make detailed work plan according to monthly performance indicators, and make corresponding reports;

    5. Achieve the company's sales target;

    6. Sort out relevant customer information, collect all kinds of market information and give feedback in time;

    7. Complete other sales work and business development related work;


    1. College degree or above, male or female not limited;

    2. At least 1 year sales experience, good sales performance, wireless communication sales experience is preferred;

    3. Integrity, honesty and reliability, focusing on the interests of the company;

    4. Love sales, be good at challenges, positive and optimistic, have strong analysis and judgment ability, negotiation and communication ability, language expression ability, coordination and public relations ability and good sense of team cooperation.

    5、 Proficient in using office software

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