Railway is the main artery of national economy. With the rapid development of railway industry, the improvement of information technology plays an important role in the overall service quality, work efficiency and operation safety of railway industry. Wallys wireless bridge /AP can quickly assemble wireless monitoring and data transmission systems. Combined with the application needs of the railway industry, wallys proposed a complete set of wireless solutions.

de936f51fe7a60682b6ed363cce9577.jpgRELIABLE CONNECTION      

1. Data and language communication

Communication around the orbit

Communication of maintenance team

Train operator operator's worksheet update service

Vehicle detection and train diagnostic services

2. Integrated services

Staff wireless office services

Passenger wifi service

Train/station electronic AD service

3. Wireless monitoring

Video monitoring of stations, video surveillance of intersections video surveillance inside the train

4 Mobile service

Video, language and data communication between the train and the ground.