With the continuous development of afforestation, the area of forestland and forestry stock increase year by year.Forest fire has the characteristics of suddenness, randomness of disaster and huge loss in a short time.Therefore, once there is a fire, it must take the measures immediately. The timely discovery of tree fire behavior plays a crucial role in whether to fight in time and make appropriate decisions.So ,more and more areas have adopted the forest fire remote wireless video surveillance transmission system.



It contains the front-end monitoring, wireless transmission and  monitoring center, among which the front-end monitoring point is responsible for the collection and coding of field images.The wireless transmission link is responsible for the transmission of video, audio and control signals.The main control center is responsible for video recording and the control of front-end lens,holder and other equipment.The front part of the device is generally placed in the high point to monitor the nearby larger area. The device part is composed of camera, cradle, video encoder, audio broadcast and other components.The wireless transmission consists of wireless bridge, high gain antenna, audio feeder and lightning Arrester. The monitoring center is composed of hard disk video recorder, control server, video decoder and monitoring screen.