Wallys could help clients build Prototype. We have a professional technical team supporting.

Helping you realize your idea is our aspiration. Everything on RF is our enthusiasm. Different chipsets, different materials, different features, different designs...we could realize all you want.

Making your idea visible and alive is what we persuit.

Software & Hardware Design

We have experienced R&D engineer team with a demonstrated history of working in the wireless industry. Skilled in RF and embedded communications  , network protocol, firmware ,openwrt ,linux system  development , analog and Digital Circuit Design, Network Processors, Power supplies ,PCB design and layout and etc.,

Many years of expertise in software and hardware design allow us to deliver solutions based on your specification list for commercial and industrial applications. We are able to think ahead and deliver design that meet and exceed customer requirement.


Product Test and Certification

We work exclusively with certified labs and also perform testing in-house, covering a wide range of certifications and standard, including FCC,CE and etc.

Our lab testing solution provides exhaustive due diligence to limit your company’s risk for liability and ensure that product meet all legal and safety requirement.