Since its inception in 2010, Wallys has had a strong team, including dozens of research and development personnel, a complete set of assembly lines, they play an irreplaceable role.

Under the premise of ensuring the product quality, we will deliver the goods at the fastest speed and maximize the product benefit.

We are trustworthy, trust us, choose us!

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Wallys provides all services from r&d, design to production and post-maintenance. There can be a buyout or an unbuyout mode.

China has a complete wireless communication industry group, which enables ODM manufacturers to obtain the supply of low-cost components. Years of reform and opening-up have made China an ideal low-cost manufacturing base. Compared with the rapid development of the market, ODM services which focus more on design capability and production experience become more competitive.

Our Advantages

Lower production costs
Strong design capability
Rich production experience
Higher productivity
Complete after-sales service

Schematic Design

Wallys introduced senior talents and built a strong technical team integrating hardware and software design, providing firm support for the company's ODM services. We undertake all the design of wireless communication because of enthusiasm and professional. Make any modifications based on our existing solutions to better meet customer needs. From idea to market, Wallys is a one-stop shop.